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ControlUnit in-parlour feeding max. 14 ControlPanels

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The ControlUnit of Hanskamp is used as a control unit for several stand alone milking parlour feeding systems by Hanskamp such as the PipeFeeder and the CrisyDos dosing systems developed for feeding concentrates in pellet form. The ControlUnit is driven by a 24VDC/10A power supply or a 24VDC/20A power supply. This depends on the chosen product. The amount of pellets which is communicated by the ControlUnit to the dosator, is controlled by the ControlPanel. The ControlPanel is a panel with potentiometer and a start-button. The ControlUnit has a maximum capacity of 14 ControlPanels when the cows are fed individually. When the cows are fed per side, it is possible to connect up to 28 feeding dosators on the ControlUnit.
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