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SmartPanel in PowerUnit, one type of food, with limit switch 0-4 kg with graduated scale

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The SmartPanel of Hanskamp is a control unit, which is used to control several standalone feeding systems made by Hanskamp, such as the MultiDos HighSpeed and Pipefeeder HighSpeed, for example mounted in a milking parlour, milking carrousel, or feed robot. On a single SmartPanel, one feeding dosator can be controlled. It is driven by a 1224V DC power supply. Additionally, up to four SmartPanels can be mounted inside a single PowerUnit, which is then acting as the SmartPanels’ power supply. The amount of feed that is to be distributed by the dosator can be controlled by using the potentiometer located on the SmartPanel. Additionally, a position switch can be connected to send a feed-start signal.
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