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What can you order in the Hanskamp webshop?

The hanskamp webshop is an online platform were you can order all your Hanskamp parts. The webshop is 24 hours a day available and you have acces all over the world. In the webshop you can find these categories:

  • Extra parts and replacement parts for PipeFeeder feed dispenser
  • Extra parts and replacement parts for MultiFrame inparlour frame
  • Extra parts and replacement parts for FeedStation walk-in and FeedStation walk-through
  • Extra parts and replacement parts for MultiDos and MultiFill liquid dispenser
  • Extra parts and replacement parts for Spider
  • Extra parts and replacement parts for L'port closing gate (also the edition before 2010)
  • Complete Black-V feed dispenser
  • Compleet controllers and power supplies
  • General parts and spare parts for o.a. CrisyDos, PowerDos, PropyDos, motors and augers

Would you like to order a complete product, like the PipeFeeder or FeedStation, click here to go directly to the Configurator. In the Configurator you can configurate you own product as you wish. 


Who can use the webshop?

You can only order products in the webshop, when you are a milkequipment dealer with a Hanskamp accountnumber. Would you like to become a customer of us, please feel free to contact us. 

Are you interessted by the products in our webshop, please use the "Forward this article"- buttom to send the product to your milkequipmentdealer. 


How to use the webshop?

On the home page of the webshop you will find product tiles, here you choose the category. Now you enter the product group.

Search, sort and filter
On the left side of the menu bar you can select whether the parts are displayed as tiles, in list form or as a compact display. You will also find a window in the middle of the menu bar, where you can sort the display by alphabet, price or product code. With the button print, you can download the entire list.

For certain product categories you will find the buttons "color", "applied in / on" and "suitable for brand". This allows you to filter the components so that only the parts that apply to you are shown.

Save to favorites
Do you want to save a product but not put it in your shopping cart? Then open the product, under the 'order' button, you will find an asterisk. When you click on it, the asterisk becomes dark and the product is saved. These products can be viewed at the top of the top menu under 'favorites'. This option is also easy if you want to order the same item regularly. With a next order go to 'favorites', select this article and then click on the shopping cart.


How can I order?

Place an order
You can order a product directly by clicking the 'order' button. The product is now placed in the upper right corner of the shopping cart. You can also open the product first, here you will also find the product description, from there you can also order the product.

The products you have placed in the shopping cart can be ordered by going to the top of the shopping cart icon. For this you need a login code, which you can request under the heading "login".

Payment and completion order
To complete your order, you must complete four steps. Step 1 is to check your order. Step 2 is to fill in your details and any deviating shipping information. In step 3 the shipping costs are calculated by default and you can select a payment method yourself. Step 4 is checking the order and the payment method. When you click on the delivery conditions in step 4 at the bottom of the page and click on 'send order' your order is placed. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.


I can't find a the specific part which I need

It's possible that the needed parts are not available on the webshop. Maybe we have this part in stock but not on the webshop. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales support.


What are the general terms of conditions?

The general terms and conditions are valid on every order of Hanskamp. You can find the general terms and conditions here. 

Favorits and orders will be on this webshop for a year. You can delete parts in you favorits list. You can't cancel any orders in the webshop, please feel free to contact us.


What is the delivery time?

When we have reseived you order before 14.00 p.m, we will send the order for shipping the same day. When a produc of part is not in stock, you can view the expected delivery time at the productbutton in the webshop. You can find the date of shipping in the orderconformation email. 


What are the shipping costs?

The amount of shippingcosts are depending on the total weight of the order and the final destination. The shippingcosts are displayed at the payment.

Can I pay safely on the webshop?

Hanskamp ensures a safe financial settlement of the online orders on the webshop. Payment always takes place via a secure connection. We only do business with reliable partners.

During the payment you can choose which payment option you want to use. After the payment, your order will be forwarded directly to the sales department of Hanskamp. You will also immediately receive a written invoice by email.


How can I set a new password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by clicking "log in" at the top and then clicking "Forgot password". You can then enter your e-mail address in the pop-up and you will immediately receive an e-mail with which you can easily set a new password.


Does the product I have purchased have a warranty?

You will receive one year warranty on all items you buy from us. An article must be in good condition and, in normal use, function properly. If you have received an article that is not the case, we offer a suitable solution as soon as possible. Please contact the sales department for this.


Can I change of cancel my order?

If you want to cancel an order or want to make a change to your order, we ask you to contact us by telephone (0031 314 393 797) with the sales department of Hanskamp.


How do I register for the Hanskamp newsletter?

Once every 2 months a Hanskamp newsletter is published with information about the latest innovations. You can register for this on the Hanskamp website.