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Feed dosator beet pulp with auger with RIM motor (11095) 28RPM

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The super smart motor can be linked directly to AC drive systems, without the need for an expensive relay box. The RIM is able to count time pulses and convert these into rotations. In a single rotation the RIM doses a small portion of exactly 35 grams. After 1 rotation the PipeFeeder is mechanically sealed, which guarantees you 100% anti-spill and highly accurate dosing. A unique feature of the RIM is that it can resolve a breakdown on its own. The motor can reverse a little bit up to three times in order to remove a blockage. If the breakdown is not resolved after three times the RIM ensures that a warning is given in the feed computer. If nothing is resolved after an hour the RIM resets itself and tries to dose the feed concentrate once more. In this way, everything is done to get the right portion of feed concentrate to the right cow.
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