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Intelligent Motor 28RPM (without sliding contact) dispense throughout 1 minute milk time

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It is now possible to dispense feed concentrate throughout the entire milking time in milking parlour. Hanskamp has developed the Intelligent Motor Milking Time (IM-MT) for the milking parlour. IM-MT is the same Intelligent Motor with a different programm.

The importance of the IM-MT

One of the major advantages of feeding during the milking time is greater peace in the milking parlour. This can only be achieved, however, if the amount of pellets is dispensed gradually throughout the entire milking time. The small portions of pellets ensure that the cow is kept busy throughout the entire milking period and prevents the cow from becoming restless. In addition, dispensing feed concentrate in the milking parlour encourages the cow to come into the milking parlour more quickly and promotes milk release. IM-MT allows feed concentrate to be dispensed throughout the entire milking time.

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